The Total Economic
Impact Of
Equal Experts

Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By
Scaling Digital Delivery With Equal Experts

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Return on investment

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Organizations that sustain continuous change at scale invest in Paved Roads and the You Build It You Run It operating model. Paved Roads increase productivity with a self-service, friction-free developer experience. You Build It You Run It empowers product teams to design, build, and run their own digital services. This accelerates time to market, increases quality, and improves reliability.

The results of this study are based on a composite organization comprising representatives with experience in partnering with Equal Experts.

We really wanted a platform that would enable us to shape a proposition that would truly differentiate us from our competitors.

— Global director of digital product, retail

Delivery at Scale

Organizations taking part in the study had between 10 and 80 digital delivery teams


  • Retail
  • Consulting
  • Retail
  • Government


  • 10
  • 10
  • 40
  • 80


  • 40
  • 100
  • 75
  • 900







Reduce time to market at scale

Reducing time to market at scale is the best way to increase return on investment for digital organizations

Over $41m of net present value realized by improving time to market and reducing the concept to cash timeline.

Concept To Cash

Before EE

18 months

With EE

7 months

Key Challenges

Organizations looking to scale their digital presence face the following key challenges:

Sub optimal digital presence

Organizations struggle to differentiate through digital channels.

“We really wanted a platform that would enable us to shape a proposition that would truly differentiate us from our competitors.” - Global director of digital product, retail

Slow processes to move ideas to deployment

Complex processes and legacy platforms slow down the deployment of strategic differentiators.

“Our concept to cash timeline was looking around 18 months to 24 months. We [reduced it to] about 6 months. I think it would be faster now.”

Heavy maintenance requirements

Centralized processes and legacy engineering practices increase the overhead of maintaining digital infrastructure.

“We used to be in a position where getting ready for Black Friday was a significant challenge. Through the work that Equal Experts a nd their consultants have done the way they have been able to help us re-engineer our platform and our technology practices means that we were able to go way beyond our typical levels of performance without any issue.”

Unable to innovate at scale

Organizations were unable to adapt processes and legacy platforms to cope with the increased pace of change. This meant organizations could not realize a return on the investment of scaling their development capability.

“We had a set of exemplar services that we were mandated to build. We knew we would need somewhere to host these new services. It needed a resilient, scalable cloud platform that was not something we had or had any experience of.” - Head of product and agile delivery, government services

Key Benefits

Increased Profit


Increased profit from faster time-to-market


Increased profits from enhanced performance of custom apps

Cost Reduction


Reduced configuration time


Net revenue protection, digital applications

Other Benefits

Business agility

Scale teams up and down based on demand and costs.

“In our model, right now, we have bigger teams on each proposition because we are investing in each of these propositions. But if we needed to, we could scale down and keep the lights on. We could always go into conservation mode quickly and easily. That is a huge advantage.”

Improved developer experience

Automate repetitive tasks so teams can focus on delivering innovation.

"We’ve been able to change the building of environments for a new product from a six-month project for provisioning all the infrastructure down to a couple of hours."

Improved customer

Customer experience is enhanced by the accelerated ability to respond to changing customer feedback.

“We built the prototype product live as a beta, and the team was able to go out into the shop today, get that feedback about how they interact with customers, apply that learning in the morning, and deploy that live to the live website and to online customers in the afternoon. That kind of speed we just did not have before.”

Employee Skill

Up-skill employees, to improve job satisfaction and talent recruitment.

"Equal Experts have really responded positively to the idea that skill development is something that we value. They do technical pairing, where engineers work together with juniors who are able to learn on the job in the way of a traditional apprenticeship."

Reducing time to market at scale across tens of teams can unlock enormous value. Most organizations have existing technology and process legacy. Re-shaping current processes and technology platforms requires empathy and experience. Having done this before with large and complex organizations, Equal Experts should be your first call when taking on a challenge like this.

We were really looking for an organization that would be able to pair with our engineers using their experience and bring them up to a good level.

— Delivery and operations manager, retail

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