Brighton Digital Festival
Duncan Crowther
Duncan Crawford Equal Experts Alumnus

What's New Fri 15th September, 2017

Bring on the Brighton Digital Festival

We’re looking forward to this year’s Brighton Digital Festival here at Equal Experts.

We’re sponsoring ‘Building Better Bots’ on Tuesday October 10th – an event held as part of the festival. On a related note, you may have seen we recently hosted the thoughts of Robin Christopherson on these pages, the Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet (the charity organising the Building Better Bots event).

Robin is an expert on accessibility, and his post is a teaser for the kinds of issues we’ll be exploring at the event. This is an interesting opportunity to think about how the tools and services we make can help more people – or on the flipside, hinder them (however unintentionally). Designing services that work for everyone is incredibly important, especially as we enter a new age of tech with the greater adoption of machine learning and augmented reality.

There’s still time to sign up to attend over on Eventbrite. We hope to see you there!

EESA prepares to land in Brighton

As well as sponsoring an event, we’re adding to the calendar ourselves with another Expert Talks session. Nick Porthouse and Tim Squires will be on hand to share the latest from their Equal Experts Space Agency project, and explain how a software engineering mindset is helping them achieve new heights as amateur spacemen.

The session will be held on Tuesday September 19th and is free to attend.

Work with us down south

All this activity is part of our increasing activity in the South Coast’s thriving tech sector.

We’re currently on the lookout for a Scala dev and a QA to work with one of our clients on an exciting, increasingly popular mobile app. We’re also looking for Business Analysts and DevOps (that think about Devops the way we do – with a focus on operability).

To help us manage all this, we’re also looking for a People Manager to work with us in the South. If you’re curious about these or any other roles, follow us on LinkedIn.