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Jason De Cerff
Jason De Cerff Equal Experts Alumnus

What's New Mon 16th September, 2019

Equal Experts South Africa is growing fast

It’s been a couple of years since Equal Experts landed in South Africa. We’ve been really pleased with our growth in that time and have big plans for the future.

Since we opened our Cape Town office in February 2018, the network here has grown from just a few people to over 30 – complementing over 1,000 highly-experienced industry professionals we already have across the globe. We’re now working on a variety of engagements, with clients in the media, travel, retail and financial sectors. We’re expanding both locally in South Africa and also looking at nearshore opportunities, with a focus on cloud adoption, operability and agile project delivery.

Our network works in a different way

As a network, we’re a mix of permanent employees and independent contractors (we call them Associates), and we currently have opportunities for both in South Africa. We’re particularly keen to hear from independent contractors, so if you’re already working as one or if it’s a route you’re considering going down, do get in touch.

There are lots of benefits to working this way – in fact, Associates at Equal Experts get the best of both worlds. On the one hand, being a contractor allows our Associates the flexibility to move roles and projects more frequently and structure their earnings differently. On the other, they get to join an established network of like-minded people and work on a broad variety of interesting and challenging client projects.

It’s a very flexible network too. We’re open to people leaving and then returning (we know how the market works, after all) and are more than happy for experienced practitioners to join the network but not immediately take up a role. Once you’re in, you’re in!

We act a bit differently too

As well as the network model, our values also help us stand out. For example, as a network of equals, one opinion is as valid as the next. We respect everyone – whether that’s a colleague at Equal Experts, a client or a supplier. We are – to repeat a phrase we often use ourselves – a network of ‘grown-ups’ who deliver as a team of equals.

We also stake our reputation on offering value. If an agreed engagement is no longer  adding business value, or if something changes in the business environment, we’re always happy to review it. In those kinds of situations, we’ll have an honest conversation with the client and see what can be changed. Once all avenues have been explored, if there’s still nothing that can be changed, we’ll even step away from the engagement entirely.

In fact, reaching the best outcome for our client matters much more to us than how we get there – given the choice we’d always choose delivering something that’s right for users rather than focusing on making it technically perfect.

Want to find out more?

We’re always growing and on the lookout for exceptional people who’d be a good fit for the network – both here in South Africa and in the rest of our global network. There’s more on our blog about how we’re always striving to make our network more open and sharing and the kind of people we welcome.

If you’re interested to find out more or have a chat about Equal Experts in South Africa, get in touch – we’d love to talk to you.