Our Thinking Wed 6th December, 2017

Handling complexity during Inception phases

Marcel Britsch, a Business Analyst at Equal Experts and a veteran of numerous Inception phases, recently shared his expertise during a Pizza Talk at our Lisbon office.

The talk covered how agile delivery techniques can help teams quickly get to grips with complex new terrain – specifically via a short, structured inception phase.

Inceptions are often thought of as a one-off process that takes place at the start of a new client engagement. But we believe they have more to offer – they can prove to be enormously beneficial as any discrete chunk of work begins. What’s more, they can deliver these benefits via lightweight techniques that won’t add significant overhead to your project.

In his talk, Marcel drew on a couple of real-world examples – both a greenfield and brownfield project – to show how this approach can mitigate project risk, keep quality high, and build a trusting client relationship from day one. He elaborates on this topic on his own blog, or you can watch the talk right here:

You can also view Marcel’s presentation deck on Slideshare, or download it in your preferred format.

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