Typical roles

Here’s an idea of the disciplines we hire for most frequently – and a brief take on how that discipline operates within the Equal Experts network.

These aren’t necessarily vacant roles right now – nor an exhaustive list of the various positions we recruit for. For a more up-to-date view of live opportunities, it’s well worth following us on LinkedIn, or just making your talents known to our People team.

Incidentally, it’s important to note that our recruitment focusses on the person just as much as the skillset, and the kind of person we look for is generally adept at picking up new skills. So if you feel you’re 90% there, don’t let the 10% put you off from talking to us about new opportunities. No-one can know absolutely everything; job descriptions have the unfortunate habit of making it sound like you’re expected to!

Product Owners / Business Analysts

Our product owners and business analysts champion the client and the product. They understand the context and domain of an initiative and support clients and teams in focusing on the right goals, articulating objectives and formulating a strategy to achieve these. They also provide thought leadership, and do not shy away from challenging the client to do the right thing; of course they will also support the client as they transform and change where appropriate.

We define these roles loosely, as they are fluid and vary from engagement to engagement. However, both encompass aspects of market and user research, product strategy, domain and technical analysis, scope and requirements management, and story writing.

In our teams, product owners and business analysts are the glue between clients and delivery teams, and the various disciplines involved in a project. As such they can comfortably talk ‘business’, ‘design’ and ‘technology’. While they help clients to shape initiatives, they enable teams to deliver on a day-to-day basis to meet client’s expectations and deliver tangible user value.


We’ve come to see operability as a fundamental tenet of our DevOps work. The reasoning? The role is not simply about facilitating the continuous delivery of quality software; we focus on the operational requirements we deliver to ensure that software runs in production, as desired.

Our DevOps/Operability Engineers draw on all their experience of DevOps practices in what’s a very hands-on, collaborative role – actively pairing with others to share knowledge and increase the delivery team’s maturity around Operability.

We’ve delved into our thinking in more detail in a blog series, 'Beyond DevOps' – we'd love to hear your thoughts if this is your field.

Developers and Technical Leads

As the title suggests, Tech Leads provide technical leadership within their teams and steer technical decisions on their projects. And of course, all this happens in a consultative, collaborative fashion – in keeping with our values.

High levels of experience on commercial projects will be backed up by extensive knowledge of technical practices such as TDD, continuous integration, pair programming and the like. Our tech leads also have wide knowledge of languages, tools and frameworks – and the enduring curiosity to stay abreast of changes in the field.

Delivery Lead

Our Delivery Leads have extensive experience in delivering enterprise-level software, and are responsible for the successful delivery of projects.

In-depth experience is crucial in every role we fill, but particularly so here; no project is the same, and Delivery Leads will have a broad array of delivery techniques and practices to call upon (while we use agile methodologies, we don’t prescribe any single ‘true path’).

While EE Delivery Leads show leadership, they do it in a way commensurate with our values – leading by example, ‘sharing the pain’ with the team, and taking the time to mentor and share their skills and knowledge with the wider team and stakeholders alike.


At EE, testing is not carried within a vacuum; our QAs form a core part of the delivery team throughout an engagement, ensuring that relevant tests are fully considered, designed and performed at the appropriate points.

This is a role combining an engineering background with a consultative approach, helping clients and delivery teams to understand why, how and when to ensure code is as thoroughly understood as possible.

We look for solid working knowledge of the scope and limitations of different test types, as well as the ability to write test scripts and implement automated tests.

User-Centred Design

We’re primarily interested in positive outcomes – and making sure the end user is happy is about as positive as it gets. We look for Research and Design practitioners who are advocates of evidence-based design alongside deep knowledge of best practice and user behaviour.

We look for specialists across a range of roles: UX and UI Designers,  Content Designers, Service Designers and User Researchers.

Our Design practitioners champion the voice of the user throughout the design process, collaborating with development teams to deliver accessible and delightful user experiences.


We consider security to be an integral part of delivery. It’s crucial that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations to protect our clients and their customers, while ensuring we continuously deliver software to production. Security is therefore an enabler, and a core aspect of our collaborative approach to secure software delivery.

Our security practitioners have a wide range of experience in the design, delivery and operation of secure infrastructure and software. We provide expert advice and assistance by working collaboratively with teams, ensuring we meet business needs with an appropriate approach to security. We also get our hands dirty – by building our own tools and products (where appropriate) to make it easier for the wider delivery community to build security in right from the start.

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