What if the biggest barrier to innovation is not how you do the work, but how you fund it?


This event took place on Sep 29, 2021



Tony Nguyen | Engagement Principal, Equal Experts


Join Tony Nguyen (Director Transformation and Delivery at Equal Experts APAC), as he discusses how an organisations funding and budgeting approach impacts its ability to innovate and deliver at speed. Tony started his career working at global software product companies and since his return to Australia has been helping apply those concepts to enterprise corporations; Including Transformations at Optus, Westpac, and CBA.

Organisations around the world have embraced agile ways of working in an attempt to deal with the increasingly VUCA environment. Yet many of those are not achieving the benefits and results expected. So what is holding them back from really making the step-change?

Well, one of these is addressing how they budget and fund their ideas.

They implement agile frameworks, restructure into tribes and squads but still seem to struggle to turn those ideas into reality.

You cannot introduce “new ways of working” without systemically tackling how the work is funded, prioritised and delivered. Otherwise, it’s business as usual.

In this talk, we will discuss how organisations got to this state and their way out. We will talk about some misconceptions about productivity and alternative approaches.


This talk takes place at:

9am BST

1.30pm IST

6pm AEST