Travel to Technology – how Luxury Escapes is changing the way we travel


This event took place on Aug 16, 2022



Adam Schwab | CEO and Co-Founder, Luxury Escapes


Find out how this successful travel retailer went on a transformational journey to become one of the most innovative travel technology users in the industry. Business leaders will discover how embracing technology can deliver incisive customer insight, transform mindsets and culture, scale teams, and grow revenue through building the right products to become market leaders.

In this talk Adam Schwab – ‘founder, investor, contrarian’ – will give insights into the journey he has taken with Luxury Escapes, a much-loved travel retailer turned travel technology leader. The business Adam founded is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing travel companies in the world, thanks to a transformation that has seen product and technology combine to shift mindsets to focus on what might be possible, rather than what’s always been done. 

Find out how a last minute deals retailer transformed into a fully curated travel experience company that turns over almost a billion dollars annually and has 400 team members across four continents.

Transformation leaders and engineers will gain insight into how to embark on a transformative process in business, the pitfalls to look out for along the way, and the potential springboards to success. Find out how to achieve tangible transformation at a speed you didn’t think was possible, as Adam describes how his team has created a new normal for the travel industry. 

This talk takes place at:

10.45am BST

11.45am SAST

3.15pm  IST

7.45pm AEST