The Importance of Team Community, and how to make sure it happens


This event took place on Jun 15, 2022



Werner Smit | Delivery Lead, Equal Experts


If you’re part of a team you’ll know that building more community within that team always leads to better results. This talk describes an approach that will help Delivery Leads and others create a stronger team community.

Throw out the rule book!

In this talk you’ll learn how to build a team that transcends the co-worker space, bringing familiarity and psychological safety, to help people thrive in a team by sharing their personal needs and goals.

Werner Smit has almost 10 years experience in building teams and managing complex environments, from Scrum Master and DL to a CTO role dealing with a multitude of challenging team structures. Hear how his extensive and diversified knowledge of Engineering teams, Key Account Management teams and executive teams has helped him to deliver outstanding products and innovation with efficiency and care. 

This talk digs below the surface of the mechanics of teams and their structures, to provide a more humanistic approach to building teams. You will learn the basics of creating a fantastic community, and why it matters, from the effects it will have on new joiners to the responsibilities of those already in the team. 

With real life examples including The Vodka Producing potato farming community, this is a talk you won’t want to miss!


This talk takes place at:

6pm BST
7pm SAST
10.30pm IST
1.00pm ET (US)