Product practices. Why focusing on outcomes and customer needs is not enough.


This event took place on Oct 06, 2021

Approximately 1 hour(s) with question time included.

About this event

It’s 2021. You work in a product company.

Focusing on outcomes and customer needs isn’t good enough anymore.

Sure: product development has matured and we have a rich foundation of powerful practices focused on meeting outcomes and customer needs.

However from blitz-scaling to hyper-personalisation, these “good” practices have also created unsustainable businesses and entrenched systemic biases.

We’ll challenge the definition of “good” product practices and show you how to create the antidote to unethical, unsustainable, non inclusive product management. It is, after all, 2021.

We’ll explore some powerful case studies, and unpick precisely why our existing toolkits are incomplete. Notwithstanding the role of capitalism in driving a product’s direction, there are robust, analytical practices teams can adopt to bring ethics, sustainability and cultural inclusion into their products.

This talk takes place at:

8.30am BST
6.30pm AEDT
1pm IST


Product practices. Why focusing on outcomes and customer needs is not enough.

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Neha Datt
Product Advisor, Equal Experts

Neha’s role as a hands-on product advisor, trainer and coach is focused on bringing a people-centred approach to designing business strategy, delivering products and shaping organisational culture.

Her focus on people – while working within highly technical areas – is the result of over 15 years’ experience in designing and delivering intentional user experiences across a wide range of industries.

A strong advocate of lean, modern agile and service design, Neha helps organisations of all sizes – from startups to enterprises – to build products and teams that make a real difference to people.

Neha is a director of Mercurial Phoenix, a new venture studio and consultancy based in London, and a member of the Equal Experts, and Sullivan & Stanley networks. She is also getting used to talking about herself in the 3rd person.

Contact Neha on Twitter or via her website

Marcel Britsch

Marcel is an independent Digital Consultant, Product Owner and Business Analyst.

He helps organisations build solid products and services in a sustainable way, by facilitation, pairing, coaching or hands-on product management. He believes that project success is strongly linked to happy teams, value-focused decision-making and fast feedback cycles.

He is passionate about finding the best tools and techniques to optimise team culture, ways of working and solution design. He considers projects that follow classic waterfall / big-design-up-front practices to be too likely doomed to go anywhere near them, but loves to help organisations build products and transform in incremental evolutionary fashion.

Outside of work he is interested in SciFi and comic books, Theravada Buddhist meditation and number theory. He can be found at or his blog