More effective pull requests for remote workers


This event took place on May 06, 2020

Approximately 1 hour(s) with question time included.

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About this event

The demands of the modern workplace are changing. Trends like flexible hours, remote working, or “bleisure” travel are being introduced to give employees more work-life balance.

Moreover, organisations that are capable of working remotely in an effective manner are more resilient to external shocks, like the recent COVID-19 outbreak showed us. In order to remain effective while separated, teams need to leverage coordination tools like Pull Requests.

This talk will show you the difference between a good and a bad Pull Request, and the work that needs to happen before and after to make sure it is successful.

With these tips, your Pull Requests will become a rich communication channel, and you will be able to use distance to your advantage.


More effective pull requests for remote workers

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Abraham Marin-Perez
Software Developer, Equal Experts

Abraham Marín-Pérez is a Java programmer, consultant, author, and public speaker with more than ten years of experience in industries ranging from finance to the public sector. His published works include “Real-World Maintainable Software”, and “Continuous Delivery in Java” (as co-author), among others. He also helps run the London Java Community, and provides career advice at the Meet a Mentor group