Make it Lean – How to get chaos under control in cyber-physical systems


This event took place on Sep 13, 2022



Lyndsay Prewer | Technical Program Manager, Equal Experts

Nick Sutliffe | Senior Operations Manager, Wayfair


If you haven’t come across cyber-physical systems yet, the chances are you soon will. Come and find out why these software-controlled physical systems are so complex to work with, and how Delivery Leads can apply Lean methodologies to maximise their effectiveness. 

Cyber-physical systems in software delivery are increasing in prevalence and impact. For those who haven’t worked with them previously, they have physical mechanisms deeply intertwined with controlling software. Human interaction raises complexity and unpredictability even further, making them challenging to work with.

In this talk you will learn what happened when Wayfair, a major European online retailer, installed a cyber-physical system at their UK fulfilment centre to process orders for delivery. Find out what challenges were presented when the system reached peaks of +10K orders/day, and which chaos control measures were taken to reduce the process failure rate from 17% to 1% in just 8 months.

Lean methods you will discover: 

  • When, why and how to form cross-functional teams with minimum IT engineering support 
  • How to transform a mass of chaotic, cross-discipline problems into an iterative, incremental, improvement plan
  • How to use data-based prioritisation to apply software observability principles to cyber-physical systems 
  • How to improve incident response in a large scale, business-critical, cyber-physical system

Join this talk to discover the secret to more efficient processes and improved business performance using cyber-physical systems.   

This talk takes place at:

6pm BST

7pm SAST

10.30pm IST

1pm ET (US)