Innovation and Strategy – they both live or die in the execution


This event took place on Jul 28, 2021

Approximately 1 hour(s) with question time included.

About this event

Join Karim Zuhri, COO of Cascade Strategy, Ex-Safety Culture and Expedia Product and Growth Lead & Matt Waugh, Client Principal APAC from Equal Experts, as they dive into executing strategy and how it empowers innovation.

Companies are not achieving results: More than 50% of organizations’ failing strategic initiatives are addressable from within. This means it is within the power of the leaders to change the outcome and increase the number of strategic objectives they achieve.

Businesses are not working as they should be and the leadership knows it. They attribute the failure of their strategy to their people. They say “People don’t execute our strategy properly”. But the leadership hasn’t given serious consideration to the execution of their strategy.

You can’t introduce new goals and initiatives and not make the necessary shift in your resources, too. Otherwise, it’s business as usual.

In this chat, we will discuss how companies got to this failing state and their way out. We will talk about all our misconceptions about productivity and take away some actionable advice on how to nail innovation with strategy planning, team alignment, and measuring success.


This talk takes place at:

9.00am BST

1.30pm IST

6.00pm AEST


Innovation and Strategy – they both live or die in the execution

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Karim Zuhri
COO, Cascade Strategy

Karim is a polyglot B2B Product and Growth senior leader with a multi-cultural, engineering, and management consulting background.

He’s passionate about technology, product and growth strategy formulation, helping companies scale up and grow into unicorns.

Karim’s Mantra: Build a people culture, guide with data and lead for impact.