Ideate, build, validate business ideas in 5 days, for real !


This event took place on Sep 12, 2020



Munish Malik | Lead Product Consultant

Anay Kamat | Co-host


Learn how can we ideate, sketch, build and validate our business ideas. All in just five days, and that too while being remote! Developed by Google Ventures design partner Jake Knapp, a Design Sprint is a five-phase process that uses design thinking with the aim of reducing the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market.

In the post-covid world, developing software remotely from home, has become the “new normal”. So one of the areas that we at Equal Experts Pune are exploring is how to make remote pairing more efficient, and as close as possible to the “old normal”. Where we don’t have to start a remote dev pairing session by saying “can you see my screen?”. With loads of ideas and possibilities in front of us, it was important to focus our efforts in building the right product candidate and get validation of what users think about using this product in real life.

Join us, as we unveil how a design sprint helped us to think beyond our limited ideas to think and work collaboratively, build shared understanding and validate ideas to build something that can make software development better in a remote setup.If you are a business leader, entrepreneur, a product manager or a software engineer who wants to know how to build better products, faster, then this talk is for you.