“How Digital Platforms Fail” with Adam Hansrod


This event took place on Feb 24, 2021

Approximately 1 hour(s) with question time included.

About this event

How can you structure teams to scale your organisations Digital Platform team, whilst improving their user experience ?

How can you provide a Digital Platform to different groups within your organisation, whilst lowering total cost of ownership?

How can you side-step failure whilst delivering a Digital Platform for your organisation?

After the talk you will know how to fix common failures when delivering a Digital Platform.

There will be an interactive fishbowl discussion panel with Digital Platform Product Owners from both public and private sector organisations after the talk.


“How Digital Platforms Fail” with Adam Hansrod

This event has ended however you can watch it, along with other past events, via the link below.


Adam Hansrod

Adam Hansrod
Tech Lead at Equal Experts

Adam has been designing, building, and operating Digital Platforms in public and private sector organisations for several years.

Adam is one of the lead authors on the Digital Platform playbook ( on how to enable an organisation to achieve Continuous Delivery and Operability at scale.



Andrew Sheppard
Fishbowl Panelist

MDTP Product Owner at HMRC

Ross Pyres
Fishbowl Panelist

Global technology lead at Pret a Manger

Rob Hornby
Fishbowl panelist

Platform Product Owner at John Lewis & Partners