Free your dev teams with Terraform and AWS Serverless


This event took place on Aug 26, 2021

Approximately 1 hour(s) with question time included.

About this event

Serverless computing promises to free DevOps-enabled teams from having to manage their infrastructure.

But Serverless applications consist of more than just lambda functions, and provisioning these applications can be complex, error-prone, and difficult to debug.

On top of this, enforcing security and compliance after the fact will bring delivery to a near halt. Using Terraform, good-old-fashioned composition, and AWS Serverless services, Mark will look at how we can address these issues, freeing up your dev teams to deliver business value.


This talk takes place on August 26 2021 at:

9.00am BST

1.30pm IST

6.00pm AEST



Free your dev teams with Terraform and AWS Serverless

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Mark Tranter
Principal Consultant, Equal Experts

Mark is a software engineer with over 15 years of experience and has been with Equal Experts for 3.5 years.

He has worked in Australia and the UK with a range of enterprise and start-up companies.

Mark’s great loves are Event-Driven Architectures, Cloud Automation, Funk music, the Newcastle Knights, and his 2 daughters.