EE Client World Tour – Rohan Sharp, Co-Founder – Xinja Bank, Australia


This event took place on Oct 07, 2020

Approximately 1 hour(s) with question time included.

About this event

Xinja is an independent 100% digital bank (or “neobank”), designed for your mobile. Unlike other banks, Xinja is designed around customers’ needs and interests.

Equal Experts has worked with Xinja since its initial conception. Xinja was the first independent Australian digital bank to bring a retail bank account to market. In September 2019, Xinja was granted a full banking licence (becoming an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution – ADI and launched a mobile-only bank in the Australian market.

Equal Experts was proud to be chosen to continue on Xinja’s journey with them after working as their strategic partner for the launch of the prepaid card product. Working with a globally distributed team, Equal Experts was responsible for managing the delivery of the custom development.

Topic – Xinja Events Architecture
Events are central to the Xinja technical platform. It comes with inherent benefits and risks. In this talk, we will go through how events are used at Xinja, why they are so important and the lessons learnt along the way.


EE Client World Tour – Rohan Sharp, Co-Founder – Xinja Bank, Australia

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Rohan Sharp

Rohan Sharp
Co-Founder and Head of Architecture at Xinja

Rohan is the Co-Founder and Head of Architecture at Xinja. He has set the direction and designed a large portion of the Xinja technology environment – including the selection and integration of third party solutions, as well as the build out of the Xinja microservice and event platform.