“Business Agility on Company Boards” with Sandra Davey


This event took place on Mar 09, 2021

Approximately 1 hour(s) with question time included.

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About this event

About 18 months ago, someone said to Sandra they’d be dead before they saw Company Boards being and working Agile. But, as it turns out, she’s more optimistic.

During her 8 years on the Board of CHOICE, a 60 year old social enterprise, she and her fellow Board directors oversaw a significant transformation.

While much of this transformation has been within the organisation, it’s been enabled by a Board open to new ways of working. A Board that has learned to focus on outcomes over outputs, a Board committed to continuous learning and improvement and a Board wholly supportive of empowering and enabling the organisation to do great things.

As Chair of the Board for 3 of those 8 years, Sandra talks about their ‘accidental’ Agile journey, why and how they practice new ways of working and how business agility and Agile helps with challenges they have at Board level.

If you’ve ever thought that Company Boards don’t think about customer needs and will never understand Agile, this session will hopefully surprise and delight you.

This talk takes place at:

08.00 GMT
10.00 SAST
13.30 IST
19.00 AEDT
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“Business Agility on Company Boards” with Sandra Davey

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Sandra Davey
Product Space, Founder. Non-Exec Directorships.

As a product coach with Product Space in Australia, Sandy draws on her 25-year experience in digital product management to help people, teams, and leaders adopt new ways of working in the pursuit of creating and delivering value.

What really drives her though is unlocking human potential in the workplace, and a mashup of product-led thinking and working Agile is how she does it.

She’s also a Non-Executive Director, serving on the Boards of auDA and Screenrights.

Sandra is immediate Past Chair of CHOICE, Australia’s largest consumer advocacy organisation where she spent considerable time mashing her Agile and product craft with the strategic nuance and governance experience required of Board Directors. She does this because she has a deep interest in understanding and helping Boards and management support and enable the inevitable “business / organisational agility” journeys happening within organisations.