An introduction to the OWASP Top Ten with Robert MacLean


This event took place on Sep 16, 2020

Approximately 1 hour(s) with question time included.

Part of series: Security 2020
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About this event

In this lightning talk, we will introduce the OWASP Top Ten, an industry guide for the biggest security issues facing web applications.

We will understand what they are, how to practically exploit and defend them and why most are relevant beyond web applications to anything you are building today.

The session is structured as an introduction so no previous experience needed.

We will have plenty of time to answer questions (both basic and more advanced) in an interactive Fishbowl discussion after Robert’s talk.

Reference material from the talk:

The awesome blog I mentioned about the Australian PM

The Juice Shop example app:

90 min video with 8 full demos and a lot more content on this same content




An introduction to the OWASP Top Ten with Robert MacLean

This event has ended however you can watch it, along with other past events, via the link below.


Robert MacLean

Robert MacLean
Tech Lead at Equal Experts South Africa

Robert is a veteran software engineer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

He has led software teams at Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and has led teams in South Africa to build some of the largest systems in the country.

He now works at Equal Experts in South Africa as the Tech Lead, helping the development teams at customers to deliver value.

Robert is a passionate speaker having presented over 100 times in South Africa and the USA and is constantly highly rated.

Robert is also a director of the largest non-profit community for software engineer education in South Africa and is the founder and co-organiser of the largest community conference for software engineers in South Africa.

Outside of work, he is a proud cyclist and owns almost 100 board games.

He is a father to an 11-year-old who is a budding professional YouTuber. Pronouns: He/Him

Grant Ongers

Grant Ongers
Fishbowl Panelist

Security Consultant at Equal Experts

OWASP Foundation – Global Board of Directors

Zoe Braiterman

Zoe Braiterman
Fishbowl Panelist

OWASP Foundation – New York City Chapter Leader,

Women in AppSec Committee Chair

Brain Glas

Brian Glas
Fishbowl Panelist

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Union University, Jackson, Tennessee.

Project Lead OWASP Top 10