Work-life balance

What's New Tue 21st August, 2018

On balance, we’re a brilliant place to work

Equal Experts offers one of the best work/life balances of any company in the UK.

That’s according to a new list from company-rating website Glassdoor (and thanks to many of our employees and Associates – the people who actually enjoy that balance – telling them what it’s really like to work here).

We’re particularly thrilled to be one of the few tech companies to make the list. It just goes to show it is possible to achieve success with ambitious and interesting technology work, without letting it dominate every last waking moment.

It’s pretty straightforward really; you can only give your best at work if you’re sufficiently rested outside of it. Besides being true, this belief means we’re ready and able to offer great opportunities to the kinds of mature, experienced people who know the value of working smarter, not harder – and who might otherwise be put off by the wider tech world’s all-hours reputation.

Our focus is on providing challenging, satisfying work for people whatever their circumstances, so if you’re returning to work after having kids, or just need to balance work with other demands and interests, we’re as keen to hear from you as anyone else. Our network is growing rapidly, and with end-to-end delivery capability we’re always hunting for talented people in all kinds of roles, from dev to UX to delivery management.

It’s also worth noting that while this survey covered the UK, it’s important for us to offer this balance wherever we’re doing business. If anything, our colleagues across the world have it even better (it’s the weather).