Supplier Stars

What's New Tue 7th July, 2015

Equal Experts has been named one of the new “Supplier Stars,” Ranking 5th on Public Sector IT Supplier List

Equal Experts has ranked 5th in a new report by DeNové that outlines the rise of new public sector SME suppliers and how they fare in comparison with their larger rivals.

Based on analysis of public G-Cloud sales data from its establishment in 2012 to now, the report claims smaller firms are faring best.

“We are delighted by this news,” said Louis Abel, Director of Sales, Equal Experts.

“There is no doubt that G-Cloud has dramatically changed the way that the UK Public Sector Technology market functions, and it’s great to see how well our commercial model has matched this significant change.  We trust the work we are delivering at our public sector clients such as HMRC and the Home Office, is delivering significant benefits to the UK taxpayer as well,” Louis added.

Equal Experts is proud to be one of the “new public sector IT supplier stars,” in the UK and looks forward to continuing to match the needs of the Digital Marketplace for years to come.