Devangi Kamra Equal Experts Alumnus

What's New Thu 15th November, 2018

Join us at ExpertTalks India 2018

ExpertTalks returns to Pune on 23rd and 24th November for its fourth year with an impressive line-up of talks and workshops. Don’t miss your chance to come along.

In 2017, over 200 people from across the software industry joined us for a day of presentations from expert speakers who came from large corporates, small start-ups and Equal Experts itself.

This year it’s bigger still, with workshops and talks taking place over two days in two different venues in Pune. On Friday 23rd November, there are three workshops:

  • Continuous Delivery on AWS ECS via Docker and Terraform
  • Kubernetes 101
  • The secret to blazing-fast, rock-solid testing for mobile app development

On the following day, Saturday 24th November – the main conference – we have nine talks covering a wide range of topics:

  • The Equal Experts Space Agency
  • Deep Fakes (an AI-based human image synthesis technique)
  • Making your website ADA compliant
  • Native apps
  • Delivery with the sun
  • Horizontally scalable architecture
  • Monitoring at scale
  • Native app testing and release strategy
  • Structuring organisations using tech principles

We’d love you to join us to share experiences, insights and opinions on the technological innovations driving modern businesses, and look forward to meeting more of Pune’s software community there!

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