The Innovator’s Stopwatch
Paul Stringer
Paul Stringer Evolve/Mobile Lead

What's New Tue 25th October, 2016

The Innovator’s Stopwatch: When Timing is Everything with Horace Dediu of Asymco

Those who can tell the future of technology, we call Futurists. Those who can tell when a technology will reach the market? We call them Billionaires.

Timing is everything in life – and technology is no different. Entrepreneurs cite timing as the primary cause of success, above any other contribution. They also cite it as the primary cause of failure. Yet timing is the most mysterious variable in innovation theory. How can we predict when our time is right?

In this talk, Horace Dediu describes ‘the Innovator’s Stopwatch’ – establishing what to look out for when predicting the right time to take a new technology or product to market. He details the difference between diffusive and disruptive strategies, and sets out clear guidelines for determining the right customers to be talking to, given your value proposition.

The presentation will be supported with data drawn from dozens of examples, across multiple technologies.

Join us to learn:

• How to determine whether you are in a diffusive or disruptive cycle
• How to match the right customers to your opportunity
• How to schedule your resources for best chance of successful market entry

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