Alun Coppack
Alun Coppack Principal Consultant

What's New Tue 22nd September, 2015

HMRC Digital: Platform as a Club

HMRC Digital has created a platform that transforms software delivery within government.
By shifting focus to creating services for its customers and adopting modern open source technologies and agile practices, HMRC has been able to significantly increase the speed with which new products are produced while reducing cost and improving customer satisfaction. Scala + Play framework + MongoDB micro services underpin an open source stack which provides common components that reduce the cost and time for teams to deliver and iterate new products. This core has already enabled HMRC to grow the number of teams to over 20 in a short period of time.

This presentation was given at QCon London 2015 by Mike Potter, Digital Transformation Director, HM Revenue & Customs, HMRC and Alun Coppack, Partner, Equal Experts