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Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson Equal Experts Alumnus

What's New Thu 7th April, 2016

Expert Talks returns to Leeds

Our first Leeds outing for Expert Talks took place back in February, and we’ll be returning to the jewel in Yorkshire’s tech crown on April 21st.

This time we’ll be sharing a couple of fresh talks drawn from the EE community, but all attendees are invited to contribute to the discussions that these kick off. Beyond the talks, the evening will also provide the fine networking opportunity you’ll find at every Expert Talks event, fuelled by free food and drink from us truly; it’s the least we can do.

Join us at the White Cloth Gallery at 6.30pm and hear from the following:

Putting the V back in MVP: Ralf Jeffery, an EE associate, explores the different types of MVP approach, before examining some of the possible reasons that a concept which seems so logical to us, can often be difficult for our clients to execute.

Who needs servers? Sean Reilly, one of our Partners, looks at how to host a dynamic application on Amazon Web Services, without any servers at all.

As ever, signing up is simple – just pop over to the dedicated Meetup page for our Leeds events and put your name down. Hope to see you there.