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What's New Tue 1st May, 2018

Introducing The ExpertTalks Podcast

Our ExpertTalks events are all about sharing hard-won tech insights and experience with the wider software community. But what if you’re not able to make it along to one of our many ExpertTalks meetups around the world?

Well, you could always listen to the new ExpertTalks Podcast (as you may have guessed from the title of this blog). We’ll be talking to some of the people within our network over the coming months, aiming to reveal the expertise and perspectives that we’re proud to have as part of the Equal Experts network.

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Episode one: Darren Linden on Transformation

For our first episode, I chatted with Equal Experts’ Transformation Director, Darren Linden, (who you may have come across already from his previous posts on this blog).

In the following podcast, we cover Darren’s (extensive!) experience in the field of business transformation, his beginnings in digital, and his approach to shaping an organisation’s transformation efforts – via Intentional Experience:

We hope you enjoy this, and keep an ear out for occasional new episodes as time goes on. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it; you can reach us at