Expert Talks 2016
Sojjwal Kelkar
Sojjwal Kelkar Equal Experts Alumnus

What's New Tue 15th November, 2016

Expert Talks 2016: another inspiring day in Pune

Remember, remember, the 5th of November! That’s when EE India held its second annual Expert Talks conference (following our successful debut last year). This time the event drew an audience of more than 200 tech professionals with diverse backgrounds. Attendees came from Pune, which is home to a thriving tech community, and beyond.


You can find more details of our speakers and their topics on our dedicated Expert Talks site. Suffice to say, attendees were treated to a wide variety of perspectives on software (and learned some highly productive techniques to help them make it).

  • Phil Parker cautioned the audience against ritualizing the agile process, when it should really be just a means to an end; focusing on the ceremony detracts from what it is supposed to be about.
  • Gautam Rege shared his experience in building smart cities, by using technology to solve real world problems and transform the municipal life.
  • Nuno Marques introduced property-based testing as a way of checking the robustness of code.
  • Aditya Godbole showed how traits-based programming can be achieved in Java 8, demonstrating how to write reusable components in a cleaner way.
  • Dan Mitchell discussed how DevOps can smooth the software development process, drawing parallels with the manufacturing industry to illustrate his points.
  • Chinmay Naik summarized his personal experiences in finding and fixing bugs in code, and shared a variety of techniques that help him do it.
  • Ashish Nanotkar reminded the audience what the DevOps profile is really all about, minus the bells and whistles commonly associated with it.
  • Anay Kamat presented his ideas on how to build effective team dynamics to handle large projects.

All in all, Expert Talks 2016 was a resounding success and all of these talks saw a high level of audience interest and interaction. We would like to thank all of the audience members and of course our speakers. We look forward to developing the next edition – Expert Talks 2017 – into an even bigger success!

Expert Talks India is an annual, day-long conference, arranged to share viewpoints and encourage discussion among software professionals. We also arrange Expert Talks meetups around the world, in the UK, Portugal and US. Follow @equalexperts on Twitter to stay informed on what’s coming up.