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Andy Kemp Principal Consultant

What's New Tue 7th April, 2015

Equal Experts helps transform HMRC digital experience

Equal Experts is proud to have helped HMRC improve customer experience and save millions of pounds during the January 2015 Self Assessment period.

“We worked with HMRC Digital to build their first ever Digital Delivery Centre,” said Ryan Sikorsky, Director at Equal Experts.  “This has enabled the first important steps towards transforming the HMRC digital experience,” he added.

Integrating the digital self assessment process with GOV.UK Verify enabled many more people to meet the 31st January tax deadline, avoiding £1.1 million in fines. GOV.UK Verify allows users to register securely online whereas previously they needed to wait a week to register or reset their password.

By the end of January, more than a million Self Assessment-only customers opted to receive electronic messages from HMRC, rather than paper communications. These changes will save HMRC millions of pounds.

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