Equal Experts at Agile Australia

What's New Thu 2nd June, 2016

Equal Experts at Agile Australia

We’re excited that Equal Experts will be attending Agile Australia later this month – not only is it our first official foray into the southern hemisphere, it’s excellent news for fans of alliteration! As well as being one of the event’s sponsors, Equal Experts will be hosting two sessions among the event’s engaging line-up.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Towards the Agile Country’ – a nod to the impact that agile methodology is having in Australia, as it is elsewhere. In the words of the organisers, it’s about “building an environment in which learning is constant; empathy permeates all that we do; and where we embrace change and embed innovation in order to secure Australia’s future prosperity.”

Come and see us at Agile Australia

That’s certainly something we can get behind, and our own speaking sessions will tie into the theme directly. Firstly, Duncan Crawford and Alun Coppack – both Partners at Equal Experts – will discuss Agile at Scale in the UK Government, drawing on their experiences working with HMRC. Our ongoing engagement there is a prime example of how agile, when done correctly, can create a truly digital-first culture within the heart of government.

Our second session will be led by EE Associate Lyndsay Prewer, also embedded at HMRC. His own talk will focus on Continuous Delivery – specifically, Smoothing the Continuous Delivery Path, a vital aspect to any successful, large-scale agile programme.

If you’re planning to be at Agile Australia yourself, we hope to see you at these sessions, or to meet you in person – an EE contingent will be present and correct in Melbourne and we can’t wait to see how we can help you move towards the ‘Agile Country’.

Do get in touch if you’d like to meet up in Melbourne, or learn more about how Equal Experts approaches agile development. We’ll have more on that topic on this blog soon – as well as some updates from Agile Australia, post-event.