Announcing Expert Talks Portugal
Nuno Marques Principal Consultant

What's New Thu 10th March, 2016

Announcing Expert Talks Portugal

With our office in Portugal now up and running in new premises, we thought it’s time we did more to connect with our fellow developers in Lisbon – and what better way to do so than another Expert Talks event?

Expert Talks Portugal will be held on April 20, and will follow a similar model to the events we’ve held in London and Manchester. So, expect free food and drink, ample chance to network with members of the local software community, and a couple of interesting talks to stimulate debate.

This time, the talks are:

Common Communication Failures when Implementing Lean and Kanban

Benjamin Mitchell, Partner, Equal Experts

When learning and implementing Lean and Kanban ideas it’s scarily easy to communicate poorly and therefore block the improvements you could make.
Drawing on examples of common communication failures, many based on personal experience, Benjamin’s talk will highlight common communication problems.

The talk will also present models and techniques that can increase your ability to work with others – to implement improved processes, and achieve better, faster results.

From Traditional to Reactive Web Applications

Miguel Duarte, Engineer, Equal Experts

Miguel will explain how to transform a traditional web application into a soft real time reactive application, using RxJava and WebSockets.

If you’re an experienced software engineer based in Lisbon, we’d love you to come along, learn more about our approach, and contribute to the conversation. To attend, just join the Expert Talks Portugal group on Meetup and put your name down for the event.

You can also learn more about our team and work in Portugal at, or follow @EE_Portugal on Twitter.