What makes a good API?
Jon Dickinson Chief Commercial Officer

Tech Focus Tue 24th May, 2016

What makes a good API?

One of our clients is planning to start building public APIs for businesses to integrate to its services.

As part of their planning activities they have taken the sensible decision to gather feedback from the people who might end up using their APIs; developers. The client has a large number of their own developers but they were really seeking feedback from outside their organisation and didn’t have a quick and simple way to do this. To help them out, I offered to create a questionnaire for the Equal Experts community.

After putting the questionnaire together and sending it out last Thursday morning, I got 30 responses before midday. That’s a great start and is testament to how engaged and active a lot of our technical people at Equal Experts are, but I’d like to get more data. So, this post is partially sharing information, but also partially asking for help. We’d like to increase our sample size and also get a perspective that is wider than the Equal Experts community. I’m secretly hoping this will get a few more responses from within EE too – as we’ve got over 300 devs I’m sure we can get more than 30 people to respond!

You can download the overview of the initial responses, I hope you find this useful. Also, if you read this and have ever consumed an API can you please fill out the questionnaire. It will take less than 5 minutes. We’ll publish all the responses and a summary here in a future post [now published].