Return to work safely with the new Work | Space App

Last week we launched Work | Space, a free mobile app built by Equal Experts to help people return to work more safely post lockdown.

Physical distancing will remain the most effective measure we have against a second wave and is a key part of advice on safely returning to places of work.

Work | Space helps businesses implement social distancing measures by reminding employees via their iPhone or Apple Watch when they come into close contact with each other for longer than the recommended guidelines. The app gently encourages behavioural change and helps employees adapt to new workplace requirements.

The app uses similar smartphone technology to that being used by the UK and other Governments for ‘Contact Tracing’ apps, but addresses the understandable privacy concerns – something essential to gaining acceptance.

Work | Space uses Bluetooth technology built with privacy by design to gently remind users if they’re closer than recommended (e.g. ~2m or nearer).  No private or location information is stored or transmitted, period – which is as it should be.

The app provides enterprises with a practical, simple and privacy-first way to encourage employees to adapt to physical distancing measures, protecting themselves and others.

The positive feedback we’ve had since launching last week suggests this is for enterprises perhaps one of the biggest challenges to solve – putting in place systems for employees that they can follow to comply with the new guidance and feel reassured that it’s safe to return to work.

We think that for enterprises the solution might just already exist in the pockets of most employees.

We’ve made a quick video to explain how it all works. We’re so excited to be able to share this AND to make it free – the app has turned out even better than we hoped and I believe it will help businesses that adopt it get people back to work sooner, more safely, and with a better employee experience without resorting to the more sinister, not so nice surveillance technologies some are suggesting!

We are currently opening a discussion about how Workspaces will change and develop in the future. You can join that discussion here