What QA will look like in the future

Here is the final blog in a series featuring talks from our recent Geek 23 conference.  In this video, Rafaela Azevedo presents a lightning talk on the subject of, What QA will look like in the future.

In this 5-minute talk, Rafaela explains about the future of QA (Quality Assurance) and discusses the evolution of the role in response to emerging trends.  The QA role has come a long way from its traditional focus on manual testing and bug detection. As technology advances, QA professionals are adapting to new demands and becoming integral contributors to the software development process.

The future of this role will be marked by AI tests, tests in the cloud, Web3 tests, alerting and monitoring and strong soft skills. By embracing these trends and developing the necessary skills, QA professionals will be well-equipped to drive quality and innovation in the ever-changing software development industry.

Geek 23 was a specific event for, and led by, our Equal Experts community.  Speakers gave talks on a range of topics including service design, developer experience, operability, leadership, distributed systems, testing, large language models, DevOps, mob programming and microservices.