Mobbing – A programmer’s survival guide

Third in a series featuring talks from our recent Geek 23 conference is Software Engineer, Flávio Sousa, presenting, Mobbing – A programmer’s survival guide.

Mobbing, or mob programming, is a software development approach where the team is contributing to the same task at the same time.  This means no PRs – everyone’s work is integrated moment to moment – and once the task is done, it gets pushed straight to master.

In this talk, Flávio shares his experience of mob programming during a five month engagement last year.  He’ll give an honest account from a non-advocate’s point of view, and share the good and the bad.  By the end of the talk, you’ll have an idea of how a seemingly time-wasting approach can yield pretty good results.

Geek 23 was a specific event for, and led by, our Equal Experts community.  Speakers gave talks on a range of topics including service design, developer experience, operability, leadership, distributed systems, testing, large language models, DevOps, mob programming and microservices.