Continuous Delivery at Expert Talks Online

Throughout June and July Expert Talks Online is running a series of talks focusing on Continuous Delivery. We started the series with Mr. Continuous Delivery himself, Dave Farley.

We are thrilled to have Dave kicking us off as we have worked with Dave on previous engagements and he has been a friend of Equal Experts for some time now.

On 3rd June, Dave spoke about The Rationale for Continuous Delivery and how it changes the economics of software development for large organisations. You can watch the video on our YouTube channel.

This Wednesday Lyndsay Prewer gave some practical tips that teams can adopt to enable continuous delivery in his talk on Smoothing the Continuous Delivery path. The video from this talk is also available on our YouTube channel.

For the rest of the series, we have a collection of fantastic talks lined up:

Enabling Continuous Delivery for our customers remains a key goal that we constantly strive to achieve.

Releasing working software early and often is at the heart of our offering. I’m thrilled that we not only have experts from our network sharing their knowledge on this topic, but that some of our customers are able to demonstrate the success they are having with this approach.