Accelerating superannuation’s digital transformation: Introducing our new industry ebook

The superannuation sector is no stranger to complex challenges and transformations. In the past 30 years funds have navigated ever-changing regulatory frameworks, weathered multiple global financial crises and continuously strived to deliver more for their members.  

In 2024, superannuation funds find themselves in an increasingly digital-focussed world. Despite technological advances in the financial sector, including online and mobile banking, regular interaction engagement with superannuation funds remains uncommon. Around 33% of Australians check their super balance once every three months, and one in 10 never check it at all.

Delivering lifelong value to members and super funds through digital transformation 

As competition in the sector increases and capacity for advice services expands, super funds must embrace digital transformation as an enabler for future success. 

Improved data pipelines can help funds to help them better understand members at every stage of their employment lifecycle. By creating tailored, user journeys, technology can also help simplify services and make it easier for members to navigate their superannuation, accessing the information, support or services they need when needed. Digital transformation can help funds not only connect with their members but empower them to boost their superannuation balance and be proactive about their financial future. 

That’s why we created our latest eBook focused on advising superannuation funds to leverage data-driven insights to design seamless customer journeys, create tailored services and drive lifelong value for members

What is the eBook about and how can it help me?

Our eBook “Accelerating Superannuation’s Digital Transformation” combines our hands-on experience with detailed return on investment statistics and insights from industry experts. It aims to support and inspire funds to:

  • Leverage data and technology to better understand member journeys.
  • Strengthen engagement and empower members with targeted advice.
  • Build flexible, scalable and secure services with event-driven architecture.
  • And remain competitive in a constantly changing landscape.

The ebook also delves into our Super Accelerator programme,  a comprehensive package of predefined, ready-to-use modules designed to help superannuation funds build, deploy, and run event-driven services in just 12 weeks. Our Accelerator has already helped super funds on their digital transformation journey, with the book detailing case studies from Spirit Super and Employment Hero.

Ready to accelerate your digital transformation?

Download the ebook to unlock the potential of digital transformation in superannuation. 

You can find out more about our Super Accelerator programme and our work with the superannuation sector on our dedicated superannuation webpage.

If you’re ready to accelerate your digital transformation and harness the power of data-driven decisions to empower your members throughout their employment lifecycle, contact the team at Equal Experts Australia now.