How to Manage Multiple Test Environments in a Hyperconnected Cloud World

Are you operating microservices environments with multiple staging, integration, and performance testing processes? Do you ever find it difficult to stay on top of multiple test environments? If so, this expert talk is for you. 

Modern cloud environment tools bring fantastic results for customers, but they come with baggage. More environments means more problems, so there’s a cost to all this new functionality. At STAREAST conference in April you’ll have the opportunity to hear from published continuous delivery expert Abraham Marin-Pérez about the operational, functional, reputational and economic costs of running multiple test environments, and the three main solutions to help you streamline productivity and build resilient systems. 

What you’ll learn

  • Optimal feature management and the use of universal feature flags to maximise efficient testing in a secure way before deployment and release.
  • Test management and meta-automation – how to set up test suites that use feature flags to manage multiple tests across different related test environments. 
  • Environment proliferation and rationalisation – how to rationalise different types of test environments – what you need, and what you don’t. 

Abraham has extensive and diverse experience as a senior consultant with organisations like the UK Home Office, and has a particular interest in maximising value and productivity in organisations where multiple test environments are the norm. Expert in agile practices, continuous integration, and best coding practices, Abraham shares his strong technical skills to bring new patterns of programming to your organisation. 

His techniques will allow you to detect when you have overlapping and superfluous testing efforts, introducing the opportunity for cost savings, all while making sure your suite of test environments remains flexible enough to take into account different needs at different development stages.

With these strategies you’ll feel confident that your test environments give you what you need, but no more.

You can find more of Abraham’s expertise in his books below: 

As well as his two books, he delivers training to software engineers on topics such as creating stream collectors in Java. Sign up now for this talk at STAREAST to hear directly from him how to manage multiple test environments in a hyperconnected, complex cloud world.