Why your company might need a data health check

Are you drowning in data but struggling to find insights? Maybe you have valuable data, but can’t seem to give the right people access to it, or the quality of your data is unreliable. 

Data is a valuable asset 

Most organisations understand the critical importance of data, but many struggle to realise its full potential. Common data challenges can slow down decision making and lead to unnecessary costs and inefficiency. 

That’s where our Data Health Check service can help. Our team of data experts evaluate the data strategy for your product and company, and help to identify and address any challenges or gaps in your data process.   

Do you need a data health check? 

We can help with most data challenges, thanks to years of experience supporting clients to solve data problems such as: 

  • Lots of data, but slow insights: Many companies have large amounts of data, but struggle to gather insights and make effective decisions quickly. This can be due to a lack of clarity around business goals, unclear data pipelines, or inadequate analytics tools.
  • Locked data: Some companies have highly valuable data, but it’s only accessible to a small group. This can limit the impact of the data and prevent it from being used to drive business decisions.
  • Difficulties accessing data: End users may find it difficult to access the data they need, leading to data silos and duplication of work. This can be due to inadequate data access controls or clarity around data ownership.
  • Unreliable data quality: Inaccurate data can lead to mistrust and confusion, with different teams using different metrics to measure success. This can be due to data quality issues, such as inconsistent data sources or poor validation processes.
  • Unnecessary costs: Some companies are running data pipelines which are more capable than the actual needs, which leads to wasted resources and increased costs.
  • Lack of a clear data strategy: Without a clear strategy, companies may find themselves moving towards what they’ve been asked to do rather than what is best for the business. This can lead to missed opportunities and misaligned priorities.
  • Lack of governance: Companies may be generating large amounts of data, but without clear ownership and governance, it can be difficult to use it effectively.
How our service works 

The data health check addresses these challenges through a three-stage approach: 

  • First, we work with you to understand your business goals and desired outcomes from the data of a specific domain. 
  • Second, we will evaluate your current data pipelines and analytics processes. 
  • Third, we’ll present actionable recommendations for improvement. 

A data health check usually lasts for two weeks, and will be conducted by a pair of Equal Experts practitioners who can cover data architecture, data engineering and data science (if required). 

What can you expect from a data health check? 

A Data Health Check service can guide your company to overcome common data challenges and leverage the full potential of your data. 

We’ll identify and address gaps in your data processes, so that you can make faster, more informed decisions that drive better business outcomes. For example, we recently helped one Equal Experts client to save $3 million by implementing the recommendations from a Data Health Check. 

At Equal Experts, we’re committed to helping our clients succeed, and we’d love to help your company do the same. Contact us today to learn more about our Data Health Check.