A Day In The Life Of An Equal Expert With Brett Strydom

We recently asked Brett Strydom, a software engineer at Equal Experts in South Africa, to tell us about his typical working day. Brett has been with Equal Experts for a little over four years, working as a software engineer.

Here’s what Brett says about his typical working day:

Although Brett is based in South Africa, he’s currently working with one of Equal Experts’ clients in the UK, a national grocery chain. “We are working on an interesting project called Scan Pay Go, that allows shoppers to scan items with their cell phones and then do a self-checkout,” Brett explains.

Brett’s usual working day starts at 8am, but because of time differences between the UK and South Africa, it can be a couple of hours before Brett’s colleagues come online. “We’ll usually start with the stand up, and then pair with one another throughout the day on different tasks,” he says.

What makes Equal Experts unique is the people and the culture. “I find people at Equal Experts to be really kind and accommodating, and my colleagues treat me with respect and empathy,” says Brett.

After four years with EE, one of the most enjoyable things about Brett’s job as a software engineer is the opportunity to work with a team that shares the same values, he adds. “We’re a team of adults who share important values like empathy for one another, and we respect one another. If that sounds great, then EE could be a good fit for you.”

If you’re considering your next move in DevOps, data engineering or software development, we’d love to hear from you at Equal Experts. We are always looking for exceptional developers to join our network, which is focused on delivering innovation alongside a great working culture of constant learning and genuine collaboration.  

If you’d like to find out more about working with us, drop us an email at hello@equalexperts.com