Our Thinking Tue 2nd August, 2016

There’s agile… then there’s Real World Agile

No-one at Equal Experts believes in one ‘correct’ process when it comes to making and delivering software.

Context is king – each engagement and team is different, and we believe in tailoring our approach to ensure the most effective results (our ability to do this is one benefit of our focus on hiring highly experienced senior people).

However, the Agile process (with that giveaway capital ‘A’) can be mired in dogmatic ceremonies and excruciating ritual. Across all of our consultants’ lengthy careers, we’ve seen it all. Using observations sourced from the real-world experiences of EE consultants, Phil Parker (one of our Partners) recently put together an entertaining new talk – Real World Agile.

The talk is a meandering look at the good, the bad and the ugly of Agile – and as well as presenting it at conferences like Agile in the City, Phil recently gave us a private,  post-work, viewing. Excuse the cables, and enjoy the content: