DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas 2023


This event took place on Oct 03-Oct 05, 2023


The conference brings together technology leaders through all stages of their DevOps transformations, from the brink of large-scale change to seasoned veterans who are looking to share their stories and inspire others along their way.

Talk 1: Going Digital at His Majesty’s Passport Office: From Zero to 15 Million Passports

Speaker: Caitlin Smith, Delivery Lead, Equal Experts

Date & Time: TBA

Location / Room: TBA

Customer: Sarah Ravenhill, Digital Service Manager,  UK Home Office

Summary: For nearly two decades, HMPO (His Majesty’s Passport Office) processed over seven million paper-based applications annually, using a legacy system that was time-consuming, inefficient and expensive. In 2017, the organisation committed to change and embarked on an immense long-term transformation.

Fast forward to today…HMPO has created a world-leading product; Britain is the first and only country in the world to completely automate their passport application service.

Caitlin and Sarah will discuss the long-term digital transformation outlining the challenges, successes, and overall impact it had on HMPO staff, and the public at large.


Talk 2: Not Dead, Just Resting:  How to Win at Maintenance Mode

Speaker: Steve Smith, Head of Scale, Equal Experts

Date & Time: TBA

Location / Room: TBA

Summary: Maintenance mode. Keeping the lights on. BAU support.  Evergreening. Whatever you call it, it happens when there’s no more funding for feature development in live digital services and data pipelines. There’s a need to resize teams to cut costs, to reassign people to start on new propositions… but those live services aren’t dead, they’re just resting! Who does the library upgrades, security patches and defect fixes? Who preserves availability targets when there’s no more money to look after the live services that are making money?

Steve will cover the pros and cons from three different maintenance mode solutions – delivery teams, the operations team, and multi-product teams. He will share the results from a maintenance mode survey of 40 different organizations worldwide.  And he’ll explain why multi-product teams as an extension of the ‘You Build It You Run It’ operating model can give you a truly magnificent maintenance mode.