This event took place on Nov 21-Nov 21, 2023


We’re excited to announce that Equal Experts are Diamond sponsors at CIODAY 2023. 

CIODAY is the ultimate gathering for digital decision makers across diverse sectors. This event is not just about the latest tech but about fostering today’s tech community, providing an environment of innovation and excellence through the exchange of ideas and best practices. 

CIODAY 2023 will explore intelligent, business-focused capabilities emphasising alignment with tech, AI and business ethics that focus on achieving lasting impact and value for your organisation. 

The new era of AI is here, but with it brings new business direction. The CIODAY will explore AI’s pivotal role in business both today and in the future and we are excited to be on this journey. 

Join us at CIODAY 2023 as we journey from tech to impactful business outcomes.