Craig Pointon Delivery Lead

EE Life Thu 3rd August, 2023

Why we need to promote trust with our customers and teams

Fifth in a series featuring talks from our recent Geek 23 conference is Todd Anderson, Principal Consultant and Equal Experts, presenting the first lightning talk of the day on the subject of Trust.

Have you ever thought about how important trust is within your team?  What effect does trusting or not trusting have in your work?  We all have stories about where things didn’t go well because of a lack of trust.

But if it’s so important, then why do we never talk about it?  View Todd Anderson’s lightning talk on the topic of trust and why we need to promote it with our customers and teams.

Geek 23 was a specific event for, and led by, our Equal Experts community.  Speakers gave talks on a range of topics including service design, developer experience, operability, leadership, distributed systems, testing, large language models, DevOps, mob programming and microservices.