Dave Hewett
Dave Hewett Engagement Lead

EE Life Fri 18th February, 2022

What’s it like to be a developer at Equal Experts?

In this video blog Developers Abraham Marin-Perez and Subhash Gupta talk to fellow colleague Product Manager Neha Datt about key practices used within the Equal Experts organisation:

  • How the practice of Pairing means they can work smarter and faster, because they’re learning from each other as they work. 
  • How cross-disciplinary pairing creates even more opportunities for deeper understanding so that complex problems can be solved more efficiently. 
  • A new way to look at Test Driven Development (TDD) – #MyTestIsMyFirstClient. 
  • They also describe other typical practices you’ll encounter as an EE Developer:
    • Sharing knowledge
    • Continuous delivery and deployment pipelines

Find out what a typical day looks like for a Developer at Equal Experts, what their biggest challenges are, and what career growth looks like.

Watch the video for the full story from Abraham, Subhash and Neha:

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