Dave Hewett
Dave Hewett Engagement Lead

EE Life Fri 18th February, 2022

What’s it like to be a delivery lead at Equal Experts?

What exactly is a Delivery Lead, what do they do, and why is it different from other Delivery roles?

EE Product Manager Neha Datt asks colleagues Rebecca Stafford and Lyndsay Prewer to explain the nuances, and what kind of interpersonal skills you’ll need to be a Delivery Lead at Equal Experts.

They talk about the following to really give you a feel for the role:

  • How they work alongside others to mentor and share knowledge, so that they can walk away leaving customers enabled to sustain development without them. They call this #ResponsibleRedundancy. 
  • The challenges of the role, from managing multiple stakeholders’ expectations to balancing detail with the bigger picture
  • Tools of the trade a Delivery Lead can’t do without
  • What they love about the community of Equal Experts consultants.

Watch the video to see exactly why our Delivery Leads love their jobs:

If you’d like to learn more about the roles available within our network, check out Equal Experts’ LinkedIn page, or learn why you might like to join us on Glassdoor.