Craig Pointon Delivery Lead

EE Life Thu 13th July, 2023

Observability 101

Second in our seven part series featuring talks from our recent Geek 23 conference is Kieran Stockdale, DevOps Engineer at Equal Experts, presenting Observability 101.

Ever thought to yourself whilst banging your head on your keyboard after hours spent viewing log files trying to debug a production issue, “I wish I had more information to work out what is going on here?”  Or even, “How did I only find out about this issue from a customer complaining that the service is not responding?”

You have more than likely heard the Observability buzzword by now, but what does it mean and how can it help you and your team?  In this talk, Kieran covers all things Observability.

Geek 23 was a specific event for, and led by, our Equal Experts community.  Speakers gave talks on a range of topics including service design, developer experience, operability, leadership, distributed systems, testing, large language models, DevOps, mob programming and microservices.