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andy goundry
Andy Goundry Delivery Lead

EE Life Wed 22nd January, 2020

Happy 5th Birthday EE North!

This month, Equal Experts UK North is celebrating and reflecting not only on an amazing 2019, (and it really was an amazing year!) but also on the incredible growth and journey we’ve experienced since we started only five short years ago.

Our five years have seen us grow from very humble beginnings, with two trailblazers from EE London, to a business unit that has now:

  • Helped over 25 clients achieve amazing successes (including helping clients win 10 national recognition awards, as well as a couple more finalists and highly recommended recognitions);
  • Grown to a team of over 450 experts; and,
  • Been voted as the 2nd best place to work in the UK!

What an amazing journey and an equally amazing success!

2019 was a great step forward along this journey, with the business unit working with 10 new clients across new regions (expanding North, West and a bit to the East), as well as expanding existing client engagements to help in new and more impactful ways. It’s been immense!

We’ve also learned new ways of working as a business unit, to give us greater insight which is essential as we grow in new regions, offer new services, and focus intently on client and associate experience.

When we look back at our collective achievements, it’s staggering – a huge interplay of our individual skills, experiences and ideas, and unwavering welcoming of unchartered territories and new challenges, all to help our clients achieve more!

2020 is looking to be an amazing year, and all of this is only possible because of the passion and brilliance of our amazing clients who collaborate with us to achieve incredible new heights, the commitment and depth of expertise of our amazing associate network, and the drive and determination of our permanent EE team to strive for the most meaningful client and associate experience as possible!

Many thanks to everyone who has helped us on our journey so far, and here’s to another amazing five years!