EE Life Fri 17th April, 2015

EE Associates Conference Highlights 2014

Equal Experts has an enormous depth and variety of experience within our community which is showcased in this recap from last year’s annual conference.

150 UK associates, partners and staff gathered together to share their passion and interests and learn more from their colleagues who presented as follows:

  • Building Microservices with Play – Doug Clinton
  • The Need for Manual Testing in an Agile Environment – Matt Archer
  • Test-Driven SQL – Chris Oldwood
  • Introduction to QuantifiedDev and the 1Self platform – Martin Strotton & Ed Sykes
  • Conditional Logging Considered Harmful – Sean Reilly
  • Build up Your Product Team’s Immune System – Mairead O’Connor

This year’s conference promises to be equally exciting. We’re expecting even more of our colleagues to attend when we gather together at Skills Matter on 30th April.  Presentations have been confirmed as follows:

  • Node.js And The New Front-End – Daniele Polencic
  • Fishbowl Panel Discussion:  Let’s Talk About The Reactive Manifesto
  • MicroServices – Using Failure as a Deployment Mechanism – Tom van Neerijnen
  • Fishbowl Panel Discussion:  Do We Need Roles in a Cross Functional Team?

We’ll be posting recaps of all of the above shortly after. Watch this space.