Women in IT Awards
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams Partner, Head of People

EE Life Fri 27th January, 2017

Celebrating Women in IT (and helping to keep more of us in the industry)

We recently wrote about our sponsorship of this year’s Women in IT awards – and now that the event has passed, we thought we’d return to the topic to mark what was an inspiring and positive event for all who attended.

Katie Coleman, an Engagement Manager at Equal Experts who works with a range of our clients in the public and private sectors, was one of several of our own women in IT who were at the awards. She says:

“Fantastic night at the Women in IT Awards! Great to see so many celebrating their successes – a real inspiration for women in the industry and a chance to show younger women that there are many ways to build a fulfilling IT career.”

One of our clients at O2, Jennifer Rigby – herself a winner in the awards last year – also attended, remarking that “This year’s Women in IT Awards was fantastic and it is great to see the Awards grow year on year; it was wonderful to celebrate the achievements of so many women in our industry, and see the difference women are making at all levels and roles.”

Embracing your full potential (whatever your gender)

Sponsoring the Women in IT Awards was a logical move for us. We value diversity very highly, something that is evident at many of our company get togethers.

But we can still do more – and an area where we are particularly keen to improve is in recruiting experienced women who have temporarily left the workforce behind to start their family (or other reasons).

Equal Experts aims to be a flexible employer, and a great place to work (check our Glassdoor profile, if you haven’t before). Many of our people work part time to accommodate family responsibilities and diverse interests, without sacrificing the challenge and responsibility they enjoy in their careers.

So if the time is coming to return to the workforce, and you’re an experienced hand in this industry, consider this an invitation to get in touch.