Small victory

EE Life Tue 23rd October, 2018

Celebrating the power of #smallvictories

In a global network where people are spread far and wide, it’s not always easy to shout about your successes. One of our Product Leads came up with a solution – using Slack.

On April 22nd 2015, Simon Bostock took a moment out of his day to set up a new channel, named #smallvictories.

The purpose of the channel is simply to document “little changes that add up into big stuff like transformation”. Over time, “small” has become less of a requirement, and we frequently hear of not-so-small victories – like the successful delivery of key milestones that break new ground for our clients.

For a while, the channel went almost unnoticed. But one post at a time (and without any mandates to get involved), #smallvictories has slowly gained traction, to the point where it’s now one of our busiest channels.

It’s now the place to celebrate a wide variety of positive moments, big or small; whether that be passing on a client’s glowing feedback to a wider audience, or applauding the kindness of a team-mate’s weekly gift of home-made bread.

Regardless of size, all these victories are important, because each is a reminder of why we’re part of the EE network in the first place.

Cheering the good stuff

The #smallvictories channel attracts people from right across the network; many different teams, across all our clients and countries.

It’s valuable as it provides the space to give well-deserved, widely-read kudos when it matters. Ultimately it’s about recognition – both the personal recognition of a job well done by individuals and teams, and of the value we collectively create for our clients, each and every day.

As a network of colleagues spread right around the globe, anything that brings us together and helps us celebrate what we’re all doing is incredibly valuable. The simple act of sharing good news, as and when it happens, is hugely important.

I often feel quite humbled when I see the excellent things our network has achieved, so much so I posted this in the channel the other day:

“This business is never about just one big great idea or one big great success, but the multitude of things that add up and reinforce each other in a beautiful kaleidoscope of goodness.”

Please excuse the poorly worded metaphor, but that’s what it’s all about for me.

If your own Slack doesn’t have a channel like #smallvictories, I can heartily recommend setting one up.

For us, that channel on Slack did more to reinforce our values and our culture than most things we have ever done. Thank you Simon!