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EE Life Mon 17th May, 2021

And I would walk 33,094 miles…

The Equal Experts Walkathon 2021

The Equal Experts Walkathon 2021 is currently in full swing.  For those not in the loop, every May we organise a Walkathon where people sign up and try to walk as much as possible for the month.  This year, for the first time, we extended an invitation to our customers, friends and family and were thrilled when over 500 people, from all over the world, signed up.

We were particularly thrilled to welcome 180+ people from Pret A Manger who are all enthusiastically walking to help raise money for The Pret Foundation – which supports local charities and projects to help break the cycle of homelessness.  And a big shout out to our other customers who are also participating including HMRC, John Lewis & Partners, HMPPS and many more.  It’s also been terrific seeing so many family, friends and the occasional dog join in as well.

Interesting facts and stats to date:

  • Collectively we have already walked 1.33 laps of the world.
  • Our top walker BaldandBankrupt (to date) has already walked the equivalent of London to Luxembourg.
  • The top three teams to date are: The Walkie-Talkies who are averaging almost 20,000 steps a day, followed closely by team G&T and the Walking Dread.
  • Our favourite team names include Scrambled Legs, the Meanderthals, and Sandwich Way Shall We Go (yes, that’s a Pret team).

Walking for charity 

For every 10,000 steps we take, Equal Experts will donate £3 to the following charities of choice.  The more steps we take, the more money Equal Experts will donate. In the meantime, please consider donating directly by following the links below:

Next week we’ll be sending a survey to all participants for them to choose which charity they’d like their steps to be donated to, so the more steps they take, the bigger the donation will be to their charity of choice.

A walkathon is a perfect fit for Equal Experts, and not just as a way to give money to good causes.  Coming together is crucial for a network such as ours, where people are based all around the world and often work on-site with clients (pre-pandemic).  This year’s event has once again helped us to get to know one another, and fostered a better sense of community and belonging – which we’ve needed more than ever.

Thank you to everyone for the steps you’ve taken so far.  We’re halfway through.  Let’s see if we can get to three laps of the world?